The Best of Clarksville Texas

The Best of Clarksville Texas

A Vistor's Guide to the Gateway of Texas

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Clarksville is a testament to the rich tapestry of American history, predating even the state itself. This city, the county seat of Red River County, has roots that delve deep into the early days of the Red River District, an area that once comprised parts of 39 present-day Texas counties. 

Founded in 1833 by James Clark, Clarksville's growth and development have been significantly shaped by generous acts of philanthropy, notably by Isabella Clark and Dr. George Gordon, who played pivotal roles in donating lands for businesses and churches to thrive. 

Since 2003, Clarksville has proudly held the title of a Main Street City, which has brought numerous grants and initiatives to revitalize its historic downtown square. 

The downtown area, characterized by its Victorian-style architecture, has become the vibrant heart of Clarksville, hosting various social events and festivals that draw both locals and visitors alike. 

The city's rich historical landmarks, vibrant community life and commitment to economic and cultural growth, make Clarksville a unique blend of Texas heritage and contemporary progress.

The Courthouse

clarksville texas courthouse

Completed in 1884 and designed by Dallas architect W. H. Wilson, the courthouse stands as the fourth structure to serve Red River County. Its cornerstone, laid by the local Masonic fraternity, is adorned with a carving of the blindfolded Goddess of Justice, highlighting the courthouse's significance. 

The restoration also necessitated extensive exterior repairs, including to the decorative tower, and led to the reconstruction of the deteriorated cupola. The project culminated in a courthouse rededication ceremony on October 26, 2002. Today, the courthouse welcomes visitors from Monday through Friday, offering a glimpse into its historical and architectural splendor.

The Colonel Charles DeMorse Home

Recognized as Clarksville's inaugural residence, the Colonel Charles DeMorse Home is preserved by the Red River County Historical Society. Colonel DeMorse, hailed as the Father of Texas Journalism, lends historical significance to the home, making it a magnet for tours. Additionally, the 1920-built Christ Episcopal Church, now the Old Church Theater, and the 1897-constructed Lennox House, showcasing Queen Anne Victorian architecture, are under the Society's care. 

The society, established in 1961, also manages Miss Belle's house and the Old Jail Museum, both conveniently located near the town square.

The Great Outdoors

The Martha Lennox Nature Preserve, part of Lennox Woods Preserve, is an old-growth forest near Clarksville, Texas, featuring pristine, mature, virgin timber and providing habitat for many rare specie.

The Langford Lake Nature Trail at the City Lake in Clarksville, Texas, is a favored spot for nature enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the outdoors.

Retail Therapy in Clarksville

Vintaj Cowgirl in Clarksville, Texas, is a boutique that elegantly blends timeless charm with contemporary fashion, offering a diverse range of women's apparel, accessories, and unique gifts. The store prides itself on providing trendy and unique items at incredible prices, creating a stylish and welcoming shopping experience for women of all ages.

Vintaj Cowgirl Women's Boutique

Clarksville Florist and Gifts, established in 1962, has been Clarksville, TX's go-to local florist for beautifully hand-delivered floral arrangements and gift baskets for various occasions. 

Where to Eat in Clarksville

The Italian Bistro in Clarksville, Texas, is a cozy and beloved dining spot offering a rich menu of Italian favorites. Patrons particularly enjoy the dipping oil for Italian bread, piping hot pizza, shrimp Murphy, salad bread, and lasagna. With a welcoming atmosphere suitable for a small Texas town, the bistro receives praise for its quick and friendly service, delicious food, and particularly noteworthy lobster ravioli and calamari with marinara sauce.

Southern Soul Grill, located at 1901 W Main St in Clarksville, Texas, offers a delightful dive into Southern comfort food with a menu that promises satisfaction for both lunch and dinner. This restaurant has become a go-to spot for those seeking a casual yet trendy atmosphere to enjoy comfort food staples such as burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

souther soul grill

Grant's BBQ in Clarksville, Texas, is a renowned barbecue spot that has received high praise for its mouth-watering brisket, ribs, and pork sandwiches. Located at 1700 TX-37, this barbecue haven is celebrated for its great smoked BBQ, offering a variety of dishes including stuffed potatoes, sliced beef sandwiches, and delectable sides like potato salad. Desserts are a must-try, with offerings such as hot plum cobbler paired with BlueBell ice cream making for a perfect meal ender. 

Grants bbq menu

Cheyenne BBQ in Clarksville, Texas, located at 107 Delaware St, is a favorite local spot for those seeking authentic barbecue delights. This establishment prides itself on a variety of BBQ offerings, with customers particularly enjoying their combo seafood and rack of ribs. 

Rio Verde Restaurant, located at 400 E Main St in Clarksville, Texas, is a popular destination for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts. This establishment is celebrated for its authentic dishes, including chicken quesadillas, enchiladas, and guacamole, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. 


The Courthouse Inn Bed & Breakfast offers a unique experience in a restored Queen Anne Victorian homestead. Guests can enjoy antique-decorated rooms with modern amenities, such as private baths (some with whirlpool tubs), televisions, and Wi-Fi. A delicious breakfast is served each morning, and the B&B can accommodate groups for various events. 

courthouse bob


The Martha Lennox Nature Preserve, part of Lennox Woods Preserve, is an old-growth forest near Clarksville, Texas, featuring pristine, mature, virgin timber and providing habitat for many rare species.

The Langford Lake Nature Trail at the City Lake in Clarksville, Texas, is a favored spot for nature enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the outdoors.

Clarksville Golf Course

Nestled in the woods on HWY 37 North of Clarksville is a local gem - Clarksville Country Club. Tee off at their top-rated 9-hole course or unwind by the scenic 100-acre lake. Their historic clubhouse hosts a bar (open during business hours) and pro-shop, while the lakeside patio and playground offer perfect spots for chilling out. With their Spring/Summer hours (during Daylight Saving Time) running Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM, and Fall/Winter hours (during Standard Time) from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM, (closed when the course is wet or weather is under 50°) join them for some relaxed fun and community vibes.

How to Get here

To reach Clarksville, Texas, by car, travelers have several options depending on their starting point. From Dallas, head east on the I-30.  From Texarkana, head west along State Highway 82 for approximately 60 miles. If you're coming from Mount Vernon, take a northward journey on State Highway 37, a 40-mile drive. Travelers from Paris, Texas, can head east on State Highway 82, covering around 30 miles. Clarksville's location near the borders of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana offers accessible routes from multiple directions, making it an easy destination to visit for a day trip or longer stay.